Best Place To Put An Air Purifier

An air purifier is excellent for maintaining the air quality in your home. They are excellent at removing pollutants. The location where you place the purifier is essential. It can affect the effectiveness of the unit in removing contaminants. Want to know the best place to put an air purifier?

Before plugging the purifier in and letting it run, you should consider the placement of the air purifier. There are some questions to consider, like where do you spend most of your time. What part of your home has the most air pollutants? Finding these questions will help you in positioning your air purifier. You need to choose the right room and the right location within the room. If you are unsure, we recommend putting it in your bedroom.

Where to place your air purifier in the bedroom

We recommend the bedroom since you spend a lot of time sleeping there. Having clean air is essential. You want a good night’s sleep. When placing the purifier, make sure there is adequate space for the intake of the air purifier. You do not want it put in a corner as it will not be as effective. Also, you should leave a space between 6 to 10 feet from where you’ve placed the air purifier to your bed’s headboard. Putting it closer than 6 feet from your bed, you might feel a draft. Placing it further than 10 feet from your bed, you might not get the full benefits of breathing clean filtered air. It’s recommended to running the unit at full speed during the day and turned down when going to sleep. Do run it not to be disturbed by the noise while getting the most cleaning during the day. You can run an air purifier 24/7 for the best results.

Babies’ rooms are the number one place parents choose to place their air purifiers, for example. Who are at the most significant risk of respiratory issues, and who is at the most significant risk of allergic reactions due to contaminants? Infants and young children. Young children have fragile immune systems, especially since they are still developing.

The bedroom is another common area for an air purifier to be placed. A third of your life is spent in your bedroom. That is what makes your bedroom the most used room in your home. You will get a better night of rest with an air purifier in your bedroom.

While searching for an air purifier to place in your bedroom, ensure to pick a model with a “sealed system.” A sealed system separates the clean filtered air from the dirty air to ensure you only breathe clean and fresh air from the air purifier if you need help picking out a purifier read of guide to picking out an air purifier.

The best room to put an air purifier

You should first consider which room to place your free-standing air purifier. You may decide to place it where you spend the bulk of your time. Or you may decide to place it in a more polluted area in your home.

Many people decide to place their air purifiers in their living area. For large families, this option works the best, as everyone can enjoy clean air at the same time. Though the kitchen and bathroom tend to breed bacteria and mold growth, these can be satisfactory areas to place your air purifier. Either way, as long as you place your air purifier closest to the most polluted or contaminated spaces, the effectiveness of your purifier will be higher.

If you smoke or if you have a smoker in the home, it is best to place your air purifier where any smoking may be happening. Tobacco easily stains walls and furniture and can reach into other areas of your home. Always keep this in mind when deciding where to place your air purifier.
So, you can’t decide on a location for your air purifier? Consider a whole-house air purifier. They are installed and connect to the air ducts already in your home. They help rid your home of pollutants throughout each room in your home. Do be aware; these air systems can be costly and often need to be installed by a professional.

In what area of the room should you set up an air purifier?

So, you’ve chosen the room in which your air purifier should go. Now, it’s time to select the exact area of the place your air purifier should go. The ideal spot? The center of your room, away from objects or furniture that might obstruct air from reaching it. However, that may be an eyesore or a safety hazard.

The next best spot? Put it by a wall that will not block the air from reaching the purifier. So, do not put it behind furniture. Instead, try next to a couch or chair, especially if you regularly smoke. Just make sure the intake vent is facing the center of the room. Try placing it near a longer wall if it is a rectangular room shape.

Be sure to avoid the obstruction of the intake and discharge vents. Keep both vents open and transparent. This is in order for the purifier to function the right way. Always make sure there are at least one or two feet of space surrounding all sides of your air purifier.
With limited space, you may want to consider purchasing an air purifier model that has a discharge vent on the top of the unit. That way, your air purifier can be easily placed against a wall while the intake vent faces outward.

Should you put your air purifier on the floor or table?

You have the best room for your air purifier figured out. You have the best area within your bedroom, figured out. Now, is it okay to put the air purifier on the table? Or on the floor? The answer solely depends on the model you purchase. Some are required to be placed on the floor only. And some models ask that you put it on the table. Most will want you to place your air purifier on the floor, but carefully. You would not want your air purifier to be a tripping hazard. Other air purifiers can work easily by being on the table. Make sure you check your air purifier owner’s manual and instructions before deciding to do so. Now, enjoy your air purifier!

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