Can Air Purifiers Cool Down a Room?

When it comes to air purifier buyers, a common question that gets asked is, can an air purifier cool my room down? After all, air purifiers have fans built into them. We have set out to explain, can air purifiers cool down a room?

We wanted to help you select the most efficient and powerful air purifiers to achieve a better air quality improvement, so we created a guide to help to pick out the best air purifier for you.

Can air purifiers cool down a room?

To answer the question of can air purifiers cool down a room, you must first understand what an air purifier consists of thoroughly. Air purifiers in layman’s terms are made up of fans and also filters. A fan’s function is cooling down a room by circulating air. While an air purifier can’t directly change a room’s temperature, the process of moving air will make the room feel more relaxed.

A typical air purifier consists of at least 1 to 3 filters, and with the more screens, it has, the less direct airflow you can feel overall. If you think an air purifier can directly replace your ceiling fan, you are wrong.

However, some air purifiers with higher airflow will blow out the most air. Check how much air your purifier will blow out by checking the CFM rating. CFM Stands for cubic feet per minute. A tip if you want to have it also be an active fan is get an air purifier that is rated bigger then space it will be placed. That way, it will have no problem blowing air around like a fan.
Some air purifiers advertise they also cool. However, this should be taken lightly as they are not cooling the air; they are directly blowing the air around the room.

Can air purifiers make the room cold?

An air purifier in no way acts like an air conditioner acts. Air purifiers do not have a cooling unit within their systems. Not as an air conditioner does, anyway. That cooling unit allows the temperature of the air to be cooled down and blown out. So, do air purifiers make the room cold? We must emphasize again that air purifiers don’t create cold air.

The reason you feel cold is air purifier can push and pull air like a fan. This air circulation process will make your room feel cooler. The circulation process is known as wind chill. Which is when moving air blows over your body, blowing away the heat your body is producing. However, it is not cooling any air.

Remember that an air purifier doesn’t work as a fan or an air conditioner, which means they are not designed to cool a room. Instead, we use air purifiers to clean the air around us, because air purifiers can eliminate 99.97% of contaminant particles down to 0.3 microns.

Something else you’ll need to remember when purchasing an air purifier is the way that it will just work in the room you have it in. Air purifiers can’t move air from all around the home. So when you need the most significant utilization of your air purifier, you should move it to the room that you need to clean air the most.

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