Can an Air Purifier Help You Sleep Better?

Air purifiers are useful for cleaning the air inside your home or office. I’m sure you never thought that air purifiers could help you improve your sleep. Because air purifiers offer a guaranteed healthy air quality in your bedroom, your bedtime will improve. Air purifiers do two things to enhance the quality of sleep: they help you get to sleep faster and keep you sleeping through the night. That’s the quick answer to how air purifiers improve sleep.

If you want to learn more regarding how and why air purifiers can improve your sleep, read on. Let’s list the best air purifiers for the bedroom, too. We all deserve a good night’s sleep. Let’s guarantee you invest in the correct air purifier for your better night’s rest.

Can an Air Purifier Help You Sleep Better?

Yes, your sleep will improve by using an air purifier in your bedroom. Air purifiers can trap 99.97% of .03 microns, which are airborne allergens like pet hair and dander, dust mites, mold spores, dust, and bacteria. They happen to make for the congestion in your body and wake you up. Allergies can be the most significant cause of lack of sleep along with the symptoms: stuffy nose, sneezing, sinus headaches, and breathing difficulties.

A bonus is that air purifiers release white noise. White noise is a helpful sleep aid to many. How white noise works is they create static frequencies that mix and result in ambient sound while you sleep. Many get a better quality of sleep because of the white noise from air purifiers. The white noise from air purifiers blocks the sounds from the outside, such as busy street traffic. The white noise is helpful for you getting to sleep faster, without disruption.

Fresh air is yet another reason why you will get better sleep by using an air purifier. Most people sleep the most comfortable in a comfortable and relaxed temperature environment. Fresh air is a significant component of the air environment. Your body will cool in temperature while at the same time, burn calories so that you can get a good night’s rest.

Air purifiers are crucial in getting a better night’s sleep. Everyone needs a good quality of sleep. Sleep restores you physically as well as mentally and emotionally. You will get a positive start to your day with a good night’s sleep.

What’s better is you can run your air purifier all through the night as long as you are using the correct air purifier. You can even run your air purifier 24/7.

What Are the Causes of Sleep Issues?

Many people suffer from sleep issues. If you suffer from sleep issues, you are not alone. Air purifiers help fix most sleep issues. Did you know? Lack of sleep results in $63 billion in sleep costs to the US per year, as reported by CNN. Because bad sleep results in fatigue, drowsiness, and mental ‘fuzziness,’ your ability to solve problems are at an all-time low. Here are some top causes of sleep issues:


A primary symptom of depression? Poor sleep. Many people with depression report problems falling asleep or going back to sleep once waking up. Many depression symptoms come from environmental factors. You want to make sure you are comfortable sleeping in your environment. Making sure you have an air purifier to remove household chemicals and keep the air quality high, absorbing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is crucial.


Do you notice you sleep better, the cleaner you are? Having a shower certainly helps, but you need an environment that has good hygiene, too. If your bedroom has a smoke odor and other nasty smells, you cannot expect to sleep well. These odors tend to keep people awake. Want to get rid of smoke and odor? Use an air purifier with an Activated Carbon filter in your bedroom.

Now that we’ve figured out that air purifiers improve sleep, it’s time to find the right air purifier for you. Go out and get that good night’s rest!

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