Can an Air Purifier Remove Smells

You’re probably wondering, can air purifiers remove smells? Though this question is a top concern, people consider when looking for an air purifier, the answer is not simple.

Yes, an air purifier is able to remove odor and smell. Though, you should know what helps control the smell in your house. We know it is not easy to select a random air purifier. You will likely hope any ordinary purifier will work for you. So check out our guide below:

What are the common types of smells?

Smells are mostly caused by one or more volatilized chemical compounds (VOCs) that can feel by the sense of smell. They are generally described as unpleasant smells. Pleasant aromas, though, are scents.

You may not know that the sense of smell is different from person to person. While some smells may not bother you, the effects can be much more unpleasant. Or they may even trigger problems for other people.

Let’s take a look at the most common types of smells.

Cigarette smoke – Most typical unpleasant smells

Any non-smoker will confess, the most unpleasant smells are a cigarette or cigar smoke. This bothersome odor is inevitable. This is true if one if your family members are smokers.

The smoke can flow with the air in your home. In addition, it will stick to your furniture surfaces, clothes, and cling to your body. Smokers will have a bad smell and stained teeth. Even the hair will smell bad. This smell can soak into everything in your house and be extremely difficult to remove.

Tobacco and cigarette smoke are the top reasons for causing lung cancer. Want to get rid of cigarette smoke-totally? You need an air purifier to take care of that job.

Pet smells

Today, 68% of the US population owns at least one pet. We all love our pets, but the problem is we never love their smells the similar. It does not matter how much we wash or bathe them; they end up somehow getting smelly. People who keep their dogs inside the home will suffer from bad natural smells.

Pet hair and pet dander cause issues for our home. However, pet smells can cause even more problems for you. This smell is a total nightmare. Those who suffer from allergies feel there is no way around this. If you need something to help you absorb the odors from your pets, their beds, and litter-boxes, you should purchase an air purifier.

Intolerable Food and Cooking smells

The leading cause of releasing odors and smoke to your home? Cooking One of the most common dishes is fried fish. Fried fish can leave a lingering and robust odor for hours or days. Foods with spices and similar ingredients may leave behind bad smells, too.

Not only will you have to deal with the smell, but so will your neighbors. The food smell is one typical issue for people who are living within an apartment. It is true when sharing a dorm, too. Cooked foods distribute minute food particles in the air, which can build up over time on your interior surfaces.

Garbage odors

We all know the worst scenario is when we forget to take out the garbage. Then the bad smells will linger for hours. They will stick after getting rid of the garbage bag. Ever wonder why? The odor sticks because garbage contains a wide variety of waste. Your rubbish is full of food, chemical compound, or pet droppings that tend to begin to decompose in a short amount of time. The droppings create gases in the air, which surface as powerful smells.

Do air purifiers remove smells?

Certain air purifiers are the best and safest method to remove odor and smells from your abode. How do air purifiers work to remove the odor? Air purifiers use a fan for cycling the air within a room. Air purifiers have an Activated Carbon filter, which will absorb the particles that creates smells. The carbon is porous and is an absorbent element. And it has the ability to trap odors and airborne chemicals present.

While the True HEPA filter doesn’t absorb the smell like an Activated Carbon filter, the True HEPA filter will help capture even the tiniest particles of contaminants which release the odors. The True HEPA filter and Activated Carbon Filter, combined, will clean your air thoroughly. It is the high-end air purifiers that you can only find these filters featuring both True HEPA and Activated Carbon. That is why it is rare for an air purifier to remove the smell.

We strongly advise you to clean on a regular basis, so the air quality is better in your home. Use an air vent for your kitchen to rid of the nasty smells fast, if you do not have one already. Also, be sure not to open your windows wide open. Opening your windows will help you reduce unpleasant smells as much possible. For taking care of the garbage odor, you need to dispose of it quickly. These habits will help your air purifiers remove smells better and prolong their filters much longer.

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