Can I Run My Air Purifier 24/7?

Air purifiers have become increasingly popular in the home in recent years. Now you have questions about if you can run the air purifier 24/7. Will it break if I run it 24/7? Or how often should I run it?

Can I run my air purifier 24/7?

Air purifiers are designed and meant to be running 24/7. The engineers made sure that these devices can stand the test of time. However, we do recommend getting a higher-end one.
Some high-end air purifiers use a sensor to automatically adjust the fan speed accordingly to how dirty the air is. The sensor allows the unit not to have to run at full speed while also preserving energy. Therefore, you can efficiently run these air purifiers all day without worrying about your purifier or electricity bill.

Even without a sensor, you still need to run your air purifiers for a long time. Because typically, new pollutants are being introduced all the time. Some from your pets, air conditioner, open windows, and even from you. These contaminants should be purified immediately.

If you do not have serious problems with allergies or asthma, air purifiers usually come with a Set Timer function. Or there might be an Air Quality Indicator. The indicator is there to indicate the air quality in real-time. If you are satisfied with the quality, you can turn your air purifier off.
If you need help picking out an air purifier, read our Complete Guide to Buying an Air Purifier.

How to save on your energy bill while using your air purifier

Running an electric unit all the time will make people think it would consume a lot of electricity. However, the truth is to run an air purifier with many filters for many hours at a time not only wears out the filters and the machines but also expends an enormous amount of electricity.

We recommend looking into the wattage of the unit you have or are going to buy.
Therefore, you should know tips on how to save energy while using an air purifier.
Tip #1, you should use it when you are in the home. If you are going to be gone for a while consider turning it to the lowest setting and even completely off.

Tip #2, According to how sensitive you are, you can use an air purifier differently at different times of the year. For example, in the winter, you might not need to use one as much. Or if you are like me, you need to run it full blast all the time.

How Long to Use an Air Purifier Before Changing the Filter?

If you haven’t read our article on How Often Should You Change Your Air Purifier Filter, then here is a quick overview? If you are running your air purifier 24/7, then obviously you are going to have to change your filter more frequently. Learn about the common types of air purifiers to determine what you have. You will know that an air purifier needs to replace the filter once they are done. Each day running and trapping a lot of pollutant particles will reduce the effectiveness of air filters and eventually wear them out.

HEPA Air filters typically need to be replaced after six months to one year. It is better to have an air purifier with both HEPA-type pre-filter and True HEPA filter for efficiency. The pre-filter could be washable or cleaned by vacuum; therefore, it could last longer before being replaced. Also, without the large particles of contaminants, the True HEPA filter will have a longer lifetime.

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