Do Air Purifiers Remove Germs?

Germs that cause airborne illnesses are small enough to cling to the air. They attach to dust particles, moisture droplets, and other particles until they are picked up. When you breathe airborne germs in, they stay inside you. It is possible also to pick up germs when you touch an infected surface and then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth. Because these germs travel in the air, they are hard to control. That is why people search for a solution to eliminate and clean the air they breathe.

Most common airborne viruses

Today, many germs are airborne. Let’s find out what kind of bacteria to combat with air purifiers.

Common cold

It is a fact – there are millions of cases of the common cold each year in the United States. Did you know? As an adult, you can get two or three bugs a year. Children tend to get them more frequently, having weaker immune systems. Of the many viruses that can cause a cold, it’s usually the rhinovirus.


We all are aware that the seasonal “flu” virus spreads quickly, person to person. There a variety of strains of the flu, and it continually changes to adapt to the human immune system. This sickness travels quickly between people.


The varicella-zoster virus causes chickenpox. By having chickenpox, you can spread it for about 48 hours before you get the telltale sign: a rash. Taking up to 21 days after exposure for the disease to develop, it is essential to eliminate the germs at the first chance.


The measles is caused by contact with a person who has the measles virus, or by inhaling particles from their sneezes or cough. There are other preventative measures available to the public.

Do air purifiers work for viruses?

If the home is contaminated with microscopic germs, they will simply re-circulate throughout the house, because your home is sealed, the viruses have no way to escape. Therefore, you will breathe in contaminated air at any chance. You are at a high risk of catching a cold or flu.
Air purifiers can run inside the home to capture the virus particles. What are the best air purifiers on the market that specialize in defeating the spread of viruses? Those that feature a True HEPA filter to clean the air.

Also, if your air purifier features the technology of Ionizer or UV-C Light filter, these things are the best protector to help you against the viruses.

Notice: We do not recommend an ozone generator, read our article here.

Homeowners all around are concerned about the spread of cold, flu, and viral infections. The health of the people inside your home is a valid concern. Preventing the spread of viruses is something that should be considered by every homeowner. Using air purifiers containing True HEPA filters and specialty air purifiers that have an Ionic generator or UV light filter will help the quality of your indoor air. Your indoor health quality can be significantly improved and be safer for your household to breathe.

It is best to keep up hygiene and sanitary habits to prevent viruses from spreading. If you want to improve your breathing in public, try wearing a hospital mask or cover your sneezes and coughs with a tissue. As always, remember to wash your hands to help lower the spreading of bodily fluids and germs.

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