How Often Should You Change Your Air Purifier Filter

Air purifiers – we buy them because we all suffer from some breathing difficulty. You may have some breathing difficulties due to asthma or allergies. There may be chemicals in your home or business that may make you sensitive. Air purifiers do improve air quality. When inside your home, they help trap dirt. They also keep foul odors at bay. And smoke and chemical fumes may sneak in, so they help those too. Don’t forget the big problem they fix – germs in the air!

How do you keep your quality air purifier maintained? Well, your air purifier will need periodical filter replacements. But how often should you change your air purifier filter? Well, for one, it depends on the type of air filter you have. Let’s discover the different filters and their upkeep schedules. You’ll then know if you’re making the right purchase as we highlight why replacing your air filters is important.

Why do I need to replace my air purifier filters regularly?

You can enjoy the fresh air in your home or office, free of nasty chemicals and odors while using an air purifier. How does this occur? Well, in case you guessed it, air passes through the filters and get trapped. That means pet dander, dust, and other allergens accumulate in the air filter.
Also, many carbon air filters are adsorptive, meaning they saturate odor molecules and chemicals traveling around in the air.

Because many filters collect pollutants, the effectiveness of the filter will surely lesson over time. And because there is less space in your saturated air filter, the polluted air particles can’t get through. There’s simply no more space at this point. This is why regularly changing your air filter is so important. It will keep your air purifier running at the best quality it can run.

Differences between all air filters

Air purifier manufacturers are making their models easier for customers to save in the long-term. This means making models with low costs over time. This might include air purifiers with permanent, washable filters. That means minimizing the purchase of replacement air filters. The downside is the regular cleaning of your air filter by hand. Either way, all air filters in fact come with its own life-span. Regular maintenance is always required when you decide to purchase an air purifier.

At what times should I replace my air filter?

There are a few factors that come with replacing your air filter: It might depend on the quality of your air inside your home. If the air quality is dirtier, your air filter may become saturated faster. You may see a shorter lifespan of your air filter with dirtier air qualities. For instance, if someone in your home smokes, a more frequent air filter change may be required.

If you use your air purifier all day and all night, you may also need to change your air filter more frequently. If your air purifier is only on during certain times of the day or week, you may find your air filter is being saturated less, so you will change it out less.

If your water quality in your home is not the best, your washable air filter will certainly be affected. Why is this the case? Well, local tap water contains minerals and deposits that can do harm to your washable air filter in the long term. Try using filtered water to clean your washable air filter instead.

Changing your filter will be dependent on the type and brand of air filter you buy for your air purifier. If you buy a pre-filter for your air purifier, you should be cleaning your air filter monthly. HEPA filters have a longer lifespan, which means less frequent filter replacement. Some air purifiers might come with a filter check indicator. It will let you know if your air filter needs to either be cleaned or replaced. Models with an indicator may be hard to find, so it is best to check out the type of filter you are using before you decide how frequently to clean or replace your air filter.

Filter types and replacement schedules

We’ve provided a list of replacement schedules for most air purifiers. This is a generalization that will answer your question of how often you should change your air purifier filter. Of course, always check on your manufacturer’s guide to how often they believe air filters should be replaced. Certain setups on your air purifier may have exemptions. The air purifier market is growing and developing as we speak and new technologies are coming out every day. Some air purifiers require more frequent schedules than others. Please be sure to read your air filter’s brand guide or check out their requirements on their website.

Here are some general lifespans for the air filter replacements:


Filter Type General Guideline
HEPA Replace every 14-18 months
Carbon Filters Replace every 3-6 months
Pre-Filters Cleaned every 30 days and replaced after worn out (using your best judgment).
Permanent Filters Clean ever three months. Replace when damaged or worn out. 


Here are the signs to determine if your air purifier filter needs to be changed or replaced:

  • You notice significant dust and dirt accumulation, and the air filter has a gray color. 
  • You notice more dust around your home. 
  • You notice more pet dander around in the air. 
  • You or someone in your home has more frequent or severe allergy symptoms or asthma.
  • There is an increase in poor odor or smoke control seems out of hand. 
  • Your intuition tells you there is a significant buildup of dirt and deposits and your air purifier performance is not as good as usual.

Washable air filter maintenance

If you have bought a washable air filter, remember to have the cleaned air filter dry before putting it back in your air purifier for use. Mold easily grows on wet or damp objects, and you don’t want a foul odor coming from your air purifier.

Ensuring the longevity of your air purifier and air purifier filters

Make sure you keep your home or business clean. Try not to smoke or let others smoke inside in order to minimize odor and particles. This will reduce the amount of dirt and dust inside your home. Regularly check your air filter to be cleaned or replaced. If you do not check up on your purifier and air filter, you could be letting smoke, chemicals, and debris float around your interior and they could be recirculated around your room.


To ensure you are getting the most out of your air purifier filter, do make sure you know your air filter type, brand, and check out your owner’s manual. Always do maintenance checks of your air filter every few months to ensure that you are getting the most out of your air purifier investment. How often you change your air purifier filter will be up to you and your education on your air filter, so always be aware of the consequences of the upkeep involved. We hope these tips keep your home or business’ air clean, always.

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