Where to Place Air Purifier in Bedroom

When it comes to air purifiers, there are a lot of factors to consider. One of the most important is where you’re placing the purifier in your home. In this article, we’ll discuss the best places for an air purifier in your bedroom.

There are a few factors with any decision you make around your home. Then you’ll know exactly where to put your purifier when you’re sleeping. It’s not quite as simple as just putting it somewhere and forgetting about it.

One of the most crucial things to consider is how your purifier works and its features. For example, some air purifiers can produce ozone while others cannot. So you’ll need to find a spot in your bedroom that won’t result in any indoor ozone production. You’ll also want to place the purifier somewhere that doesn’t block your airflow or interfere with your sleep in any way.

General Bedroom Air Purifier Placement Tips:

First, you’ll want to read your manual. Every air purifier is different. So it’s essential to familiarize yourself with its features and capabilities before deciding on the best spot for it.

Remember that you’ll be sleeping near your purifier, so you don’t want to place it where the noise will keep you awake.

It would be best if you placed some air purifiers at least three feet away from the walls to keep the air flowing correctly. Depending on your furniture and bed layout, this might not be possible in some bedrooms.

Also, think about where you’ll plug in the air purifier. You want it close enough that you can easily use it without having to string any long cords, but you don’t want it to block your view of the room or get in your way.

You may want your purifier to be on a nightstand instead of the floor in highly dusty environments. However, if something spills on the nightstand, there’s a chance it could leak onto your purifier.

Consider more than one purifier for optimal air quality if you have a large bedroom. If possible, use one purifier on the ground and another up high.

How to Find the Best Spot for Your Purifier in Your Bedroom

Purifiers come in all shapes and sizes – so where’s the best place to put them in your bedroom for optimal results?

When considering the best place for your air purifier in your bedroom, think about where you’ll be sleeping. It’s a good idea to place the purifier nearby, as that will help keep dust and pet dander out of your nose and lungs.

Some people might want the purifier to sit where they can’t even see it. Others may prefer it out of sight, so they don’t feel like their bedroom turns into an office. Some units are just plain bulky, while others are sleek and small. It’s up to you where you’d like your purifier placed in the bedroom.

Some places where you can place an air purifier in your bedroom include near the bed, where the air circulates throughout the night. For instance, fans where it will help keep your breathing clear. A desk will help remove odors from cooking or where someone might be spending their time. Near where you have your clothes or where your pets are spending time where it can help keep odors at bay. If there’s a lot of noise pollution in your bedroom, try placing the purifier near a window. It can filter out the noise as well as the pollutants.

Wherever you choose to place your unit, don’t forget that it will need some space around it where you can open the vents where fresh air can get in. Do not place your purifier where there’s not enough clearance, where objects may block it. And don’t place it where you won’t be able to see the display or where you might trip over the cord when walking around in the dark.

Maintain Air Purifier for Best Results

Once you find where you want to place your air purifier in the bedroom, remember that you will need to maintain it for the best results. The location where you put your purifier is only one part of the equation; another vital thing to consider is how often you clean out its filters.


When it comes to where to place your air purifier in your bedroom, the most important thing to consider is where you’ll be sleeping. You want the purifier to be nearby so that it can help keep dust and pet dander out of your nose and lungs. Other factors to consider include where you’ll be plugging in the unit. Also, how often you’ll need to clean the filters and whether you want the purifier to be visible or hidden from view.

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